Ultimarc 12-way Rotary Upgrade for Servostik & J-Stik

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Ultimarc 12-way Rotary Upgrade for Servostik & J-Stik

12-Way Rotary Joystick Upgrade for the Ultimarc J-Stik (Sanwa JLW-TM-8) and Ultimarc Servostik joysticks.

  • Requires Ultimarc ServoStik, Ultimarc J-Stik, or Sanwa JLW-TM-8 with a 9mm shaft, like the ones we sell.
  • Can not be used with the wider 12mm shafts that Ultimarc uses for their Bat Top options, only 9mm shafts. (We only sell the 9mm shafts for all tops.)
  • Can not be used with the Ultimarc RGB Ball Top, only a regular top
  • Ikari Warriors style emulation
  • Rotary movement issues a keystroke or gamepad button press for each of 12 clicks
  • Character for clockwise/anticlockwise can be changed to any keyboard key or button
  • Length of the "pulse" of the key can be adjusted
  • Settings retained by the interface
  • 4-way/8-way directional performance of original joystick is unaffected
Kit Contents:
  • USB board with switch and cable
  • Coupling
  • Replacement handle (Visible handle length: 48mm BALL TOP)
  • Spacer washers
  • Switch mounting plate
  • Pillar
  • Cable ties
  • Allen key
  • M5-0.8 Threaded Insert (Provided by us, not from Ultimarc)
Installation of Kit to Joystick:
  • Remove circlip from original handle, lower end. NOTE: Spring loaded parts take care! Install replacement handle, fit TWO spacer washers under circlip
  • Fit switch/PCB to mounting plate using nut. Note this can be fitted either way round relative to the plate, select the best way for your physical panel layout.
  • Fit collar onto handle and switch. Tighten screws using supplied allen key.
  • Detailed instructions with photos: 12wayrotary.pdf
Installation of Joystick to Control Panel:
  • Option 1: Male mounting into M5-0.8 Threaded Insert (Provided. Not the same size as our hidden hardware kits)
  • Option 2: Female mounting using an extra 5mm screw (not supplied)
  • Option 3: Female mounting using one of the joystick-panel mounting screws (not supplied)
Using our Threaded Insert:
  • Install the joystick under your control panel with our Hidden Hardware Joystick Mounting Kit - 1/2" Screws For Metal Plates, but only use 3 of the 10-24 inserts from the kit.
  • Then use the M5-0.8 Threaded Insert that we include with the Rotary Upgrade for one of the screws. (Shown in the photo without a control panel of course.)
  • This allows you to screw the male end of the pillar into the threaded insert to easily install the Rotary kit.

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