Ultimarc ServoStik Joystick

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Ultimarc ServoStik Joystick

Ultimarc's ServoStik has a motor-driven restrictor plate that switches between 4 and 8 way in less than a second! The the Ultimarc Servo Control Board is required to control the switching, which can control up to 2 ServoStiks. This item is just the joystick with dust washer as shown, no top is included.

Note: We only sell the 9mm diameter shaft and include an M10-1.5 to M6-1.0 thread adapter with Sanwa Bat Tops. We do not stock the 12mm diameter joystick that Ultimarc uses for their bat tops.
  • Full mechanical 4-8 way restriction with powered switching.
  • Separate control board plugs into a USB port and controls the servos on two joysticks.
  • Comprehensive software support including test utility and a special utility which can be command-line or GUI driven.
  • Integrated into the Ultimarc DLL which provides API calls to perform switching, for front-end developers.
  • No separate power required. Takes power from USB port
  • Hardware mode also allows switching using two buttons or a toggle switch.
  • Switches are connected in the same way as a standard joystick with .187" spade connectors, such as to an IPAC.
  • 1 black dust cover included
Addons: Installation:
  • Motor: The motor baseplate mounts using two of the same mounting screws as the base joystick. Joystick mounting screws are not included but we have Hidden Hardware mounting kits listed above.
  • Control Board: The control board can be mounted to the motor baseplate using the supplied screws that come with the control board. Wires from the motor need to be connected to the screw terminals. One control board drives two joystick motors.
  • Test Application: Download here. It simply has two GUI buttons for switching to 4-way or 8-way. All detected control boards (and therefore pairs of sticks) are switched. The app is also used for PERMANENTLY switching to hardware mode (see below).
JoyTray Program:
This application can be downloaded here. It supports both the ServoStik and our Ultrastik 360

Running JoyTray from command line:
JoyTray.exe -servo [joy4way|joy8way]
(If using Ultrastik 360: JoyTray.exe -u360 [mouse|analog|joy8way|easyjoy8way|joy4way|djoy4way|rdjoy4way|joy2way|vjoy2way])
If you add an -exit argument the program will exit without staying resident.
Until front-end developers add native support for the ServoStik, this is the way to automate switching. The front-end needs to be configured to run a command line before starting games eg:
JoyTray.exe -servo joy8way before all 8-way games
JoyTray.exe -servo joy4way before all 4-way games

JoyTray Hotkeys:
When resident: F4 switches to 4-way and F8 switches to 8-way. You could assign I-PAC-connected controls to these keycodes. Maybe use I-PAC shifted codes.

JoyTray GUI Mode:
Launch JoyTray.exe by itself and it will show an icon in the tray which can be right-clicked to show a menu. It will gray out the U360 or ServoStik menu items based on whether you have them attached. There is an option to run the program at startup.
Hardware Mode:
This special mode is used when there is no PC and you need to switch the stick using a toggle switch or two buttons.

The control board can be placed into hardware mode using the test application (see above). Note this change is PERMANENT.
Switching between 4 and 8 way is done using either two buttons or a toggle switch.

To connect the buttons, cut the A plug from the USB cable and strip the wires:
  • Connect the RED wire to a 5 volt source. (JAMMA power supply for example)
  • Connect the BLACK wire to Ground on the power supply
  • Connect the Green wire to the NO contact of a pushbutton for 4 way
  • Connect the White wire to the NO contact of a pushbutton for 8 way
  • Connect the COM connections of both buttons to the black daisy-chain wire which runs to all other controls, or to the power supply ground.
Alternatively you can use a toggle switch with the center connection to ground and the end connections to the green and white wires.

Control Board Return Policy: Since switching this board from PC mode to Hardware mode is a PERMANENT change, the control board can not be returned for a refund after you have made the switch. We can only resell the board if it is still in PC mode when it is returned.

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average rating 80%
Well made product 12/28/2022
By William Meier
The ServoStik makes switching between 4-way and 8-way games very easy. Not great for two-way joystick games like Battlezone and Galaga.
average rating 100%
Works fantastic! 08/26/2020
By Darrell DuMond
Works great! Even works great with the Ultimarc Ikari rotary adapter

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