Ultimarc J-Stik 4/8-way Joystick

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Ultimarc J-Stik 4/8-way Joystick

Set the Ultimarc JStik to 4-way or 8-way by rotating the restrictor plate. This is JUST the joystick and the dust washer. No top is included but it is compatible with all our Sanwa ball tops and bat tops. This design uses retaining springs which apply adjustable pressure to hold the restrictor plate in place.

Note: We only sell the 9mm diameter shaft. When you order a Sanwa bat-top from us we will include a 9mm to 12mm adapter. We do not stock the 12mm diameter joystick that Ultimarc uses for their bat tops.

Arcade Game Joystick Specs:
  • Rotate the restrictor plate 45deg to change between 4-way and 8-way
  • Similar to the Sanwa JLW-TM-8, but this version allows the plate to be rotated without a screwdriver
  • Same as Ultimarc part #CJJB01RED or CJJB01BLK but without a top included
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