Sanwa Joystick 4/8-way JLW-TM-8

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Sanwa Joystick 4/8-way JLW-TM-8

Set this joystick to 4-way or 8-way by rotating the restrictor plate. This is JUST the joystick and the dust washer. No top is included but it is compatible with all our Sanwa ball tops and bat tops.

Arcade Game Joystick Specs:
  • Set to 8-way when shipped
  • Unscrew and rotate the restrictor plate 45deg to change to 4-way
  • Similar to Ultimarc J-Stik, such as CJJB01RED or CJJB01BLK, but this one needs a screwdriver to rotate the plate
  • Sanwa Part #JLW-TM-8
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Sanwa Joystick 4/8-way JLW-TM-8 Reviews

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The Great unkown Sanwa joystick 08/07/2020
By Mitchell Azevedo
This stick is the best Sanwa stick for SHMUP's and arcade style games. It comes standard with a square gate. Sorry there is no octaganal gate option on this one like there is on the JLF. The restictor gate can be rotated to a diamond i.e. 4 way or square i.e. 8 way pattern. The diamond 4 way pattern comes in handy for games like Pac-Man that only use 4 directions. I personally prefer it for fighting games as well but this is subjective. The stick has a stiffer spring, shorter throw and a smaller dead zone than the JLF. If you are a fan of the Seimitsu style joystick, the JLW is the closest stick Sanwa makes that has similar attributes. .
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Perfect transaction 09/06/2021
Item is exactly as described.
This company of great.
Easy check out.
Quick order turn around!!
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Sanwa joystick JLW-TM-8 04/24/2023
By Robert Trent
Awesome joystick. Feels great and makes the game much more enjoyable.
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