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Arcade Game Audio Kit
Complete audio kit for an arcade game, MAME cabinet, or virtual pinball machine.
Reg. Price $46.42 $39.99 On Sale!
Kinter Stereo Audio Amplifier
Stereo amplifier with 2 RCA inputs.
Price $12.99
4" Dual Cone Round Speaker
Dual-cone speaker for better sound quality
Price $5.99
4" Black Speaker Grill
Mount your speakers to the wood from behind, then the grill from the front, and you won't have to worry about lining up the holes.
Price $2.99
1/8in to RCA Audio Cable
Easily connect a computer, Raspberry Pi, or multigame PCB to an amplifier through a headphone jack.
Price $2.99
12v 3a Power Supply
12 volt 3 amp ac/dc adapter power supply for LED buttons or Audio Amplifier
Price $5.99
Speaker Wiring Kit
Wiring kit for 2 speakers
Price $3.99
20 Black 1/2" Screws
Use for mounting speakers, speaker grills, amplifiers, or other items to your cabinet.
Price $2.50