Ultimarc ServoStik Control Board

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Ultimarc ServoStik Control Board

ServoStik Control Board for the ServoStik joystick. One board controls servos on 2 Servostiks.

See the Ultimarc ServoStik Joystick page for details.

Return Policy: Since switching this board from PC mode to Hardware mode is a PERMANENT change, the board can not be returned for a refund after you have made the switch. We can only resell the board if it is still in PC mode when it is returned. See the ServoStik Joystick page for details about Hardware Mode.

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Ultimarc ServoStik Joystick
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Motor-driven restrictor plate switches between 4 and 8 way in less than a second. Requires the Ultimarc Servo Control Board. Use any Sanwa Ball Top or Bat Top!
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