Arcade Marquee LED Light Strip Kit

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Arcade Marquee LED Light Strip Kit

This kit makes it easy to light up your arcade marquee! Connect the red wire from the light strip to the "+" and the black to the "-" on the adapter, then plug it all together and your marquee is beautifully lit! The only other thing you will need are 2 screws to attach the LED strip to your cabinet!
Kit Contains: NOTE: This is *not* a drop-in replacement for a fluorescent light. Those use 110v AC which will instantly short out this LED strip if you connect it to the same wires. This strip uses 12v DC. If you already have 12v DC from your arcade power supply you can use product which is just the LED strip: Arcade Marquee LED Light Strip

NOTE: If the LED strip has extra wiring on the other end and you are are not chaining multiple strips together you do not need the extra wires that come out the other end. You can cut them off, cover them with electrical tape, or cover them with wire nuts. Just be sure the wires do not touch each other or that will short out the LED strip. *Not all will have the extra wires*

Arcade Marquee LED Light Strip Kit Reviews

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Spectacular Service 09/03/2019
By Tom Firth
I've made a single purchase from T-Molding and everything arrived quickly, and I've found the prices fair. I had a question about the slot for some arcade T-molding I bought when in the store buying the bit and they got back to me so quick I didn't have to make a second trip. Very happy with them.
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Nice and bright 06/12/2024
By Adam F
Works great. I was worried one trip wouldn’t be enough, but it’s more than bright enough. I’ve been ordering stuff as I’m building my cabinet. The plug itself isn’t very long, so I ran some extra wire before the plug to make it to the bottom of my cabinet. T-molding always ships super quick.
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Bright and easy 08/10/2021
By Larry W
Worked great for the cabinet I am building and was simple to wire up and get running. Was a perfect size and does a great job of lighting the marquee.
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