Arcade Game Audio Kit

Arcade Game Audio Kit
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Arcade Game Audio Kit

8/22/2018 - Now with higher quality, easier to install speaker grills!

This kit contains everything you need to add sound to your arcade game, MAME cabinet, or virtual pinball machine. Mount the speakers, hook it all up, and plug the audio cable into the headphone jack of your computer, raspberry Pi, or multi-game PCB.
Tip: Screw the speaker to the front of the wood first. Then place the grill frame on top and rotate to align the indented holes to gaps in the speaker frame and install the frame with the screws provided.

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Arcade Game Audio Kit
Good control stick
If you want a goid controller that's not gonna burn a hole in your pocket and gives you the real deal arcade feel, this is your stick, fast shipping and professional services. Thanks T-molding.
Arcade Game Audio Kit
Good, not great
This works good, my only fault would be the fact that the covers don't line up with the actual speakers when trying to mount them. I now have to buy some larger speaker covers.
Our responseMount your speakers to the wood from behind, then the grill from the front, and you won't have to worry about lining up the holes or that the speaker mounting plate is square with a round grill.
Arcade Game Audio Kit
Great for arcade cabinet
These were perfect for mounting in my arcade cabinet. They provide plenty of volume. The amp has color changing lights around the volume knob.
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