Ultimarc UltraStik 360 Rotary Upgrade

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Ultimarc UltraStik 360 Rotary Upgrade

This upgrade consists of a high-res 1200 pulse-per-rev encoder (same as the Spintrak) to move the mouse pointer left-right.

Important Note Before Ordering
  • Requirement: This kit can only be installed on 360 joysticks with the 4/8 Way and Circular Restrictor Plate Kit or the Octagonal Restrictor Plate Kit installed.
  • Requirement: For use with only 9mm shaft 360 joysticks, which is the version we sell. (Ultimarc also has 12mm shafts that they use for bat tops, we use 9mm shafts for all tops.)
  • Limitation: Can not be used with the Ultimarc RGB Ball Top, only a regular top.
  • If you need to return it, all items must be returned in like-new condition, including the black cover from over the spinner and the 2 foam disks attached to the spinner disk.
Kit Contents
  • Replacement PCB with encoder, connectors, and upgraded firmware
  • Encoder with locating bracket. (Remove black shipping cover, save in case of return)
  • Encoder disk with foam protection. (Found under shipping cover, save foam in case of return)
  • Black cover
  • Joystick shaft
  • Replacement magnet holder with 6mm hole
Assembly Instructions

1. Remove PCB from joystick. Remove magnet and circlip (E-ring) from joystick shaft. Beware of spring-loaded parts!
2. Remove shaft.
3. Replace with new shaft.
4. Remove 2 screws securing spinner encoder PCB to black mounting bracket.
5. Fit bracket over handle and replace circlip which sits in the recess in the mounting bracket
6. Re-fit encoder PCB to bracket using the 2 screws.
7. If not already fitted, fit the restrictor plate kit. The slot in the mounting bracket sits over one of the pillars in the kit.
8. Remove the protective foam from the encoder disk. NOTE: This disk is made from glass. Avoid touching the reflective side.
9. Press the disk onto the shaft using the metal side only. Use a piece of thick card as a gauge and press down until there is a gap of approx 1mm between the disk and the sensor on the PCB.
10. Using the thumb-nuts from the restrictor kit, fit the U-shaped metal brackets to the pillars. Refit the PCB and plug the encoder into the connector.
11. When refitting the joystick top, a method of preventing turning is to use plumbers Teflon tape around the threads.

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