Ultimarc SpinTrak Spinner

Ultimarc SpinTrak Spinner
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Ultimarc SpinTrak Spinner

Ultimarc SpinTrak Rotary Controller

The SpinTrak connects to the Spinner connector on an I-Pac or directly to a USB port with the optional SpinTrak USB Adapter

  • Uses Tornado-style Spinner Tops, the best available anywhere.
  • Can be used as a lightweight Super High Resolution Low-Inertia Trackwheel control as used in "Arkanoid"
  • Can also be used as a spinner with the addition of one of two sizes of fly-weight to provide inertia giving long spin-times of up to 20 seconds.
  • Ultra-high resolution. Unbeatable 1200 pulses per revolution..
  • Dual sealed ball-bearing races give the ultimate in smooth control.
  • One-Piece bearing housing/body CNC machined from a solid alloy billet
  • Optional: Correctly-designed flywheels with mass concentrated at the larger radius.

  • 1 SpinTrak Spinner
  • 1 Allen Wrench

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Ultimarc SpinTrak Spinner
Ultimarc Spinner + Knob
Excellent quality. Overall excellent product. This was exactly what I needed for my arcade cabinet mod project. Thank you!
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