Ultimarc SpinTrak USB Adapter

Ultimarc SpinTrak USB Adapter
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Ultimarc SpinTrak USB Adapter

USB kit for Ultimarc SpinTrak spinner. If you don't need all the buttons or the joysticks provided by an I-PAC you can use this USB adapter to connect the SpinTrak Spinner to a computer!

  • USB Cable
  • SpinTrak to USB Adapter

Ultimarc SpinTrak USB Adapter Reviews

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Ultimarc SpinTrak USB Adapter
Great spinner!
Ordersled this for a full arcade build with joysticks, trackball, and this spinner in a retropie build. Works great. Do yourself a favor if you use this with a trackball. Get the ipac2 board. It makes setup much easier. I had a problem with using them both usb where one or the other would stop working when plugged in at same time due to both being seen as a mouse. The ipac2 board allowed them both be be hooked up and share the x axis allowing easy setup for my build. This thing works great for tempest and driving games.
Ultimarc SpinTrak USB Adapter
Great cable, came in handy
I needed this to add some extra slack, works right, great response time and smooth, t-molding once again did a great job in packing, fast shipping and professional services, thanks guys.
Ultimarc SpinTrak USB Adapter
Great cable, must needed
Needed this to makeup some slack in my control panel, gast, wicked and precisely what I needed, delivered well packaged, fast and professional, thanks t-molding.

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