Ultimarc PacDrive USB Driver Board

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Ultimarc PacDrive USB Driver Board

The PacDrive is a low-cost driver board for devices such as LEDs, solenoids, lamps, etc.

Board is ID #1 - We can get other ID values but only stock #1 at this time
  • Will drive up to 16 standard LEDs with no additional power.
  • Up to 4 boards can be used. Contact us for different IDs.
  • 500mA per channel
  • 500mA total current without external power supply. Higher current draw will require additional power.
  • 5 volt outputs without external power supply.
  • Up to 48 volt outputs with external power supply.
  • Support as a LED driver for several MAME front-ends soon.
  • Linux Support
Connection & Software Downloads: https://www.ultimarc.com/output/led-and-output-controllers/pac-drive/

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