Ultimarc Mag-Stik Plus with Blue Bat/Oval Top

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Ultimarc Mag-Stik Plus with Blue Bat/Oval Top

The Mag-Stik is center by an internal magnet instead of a spring and has a light action for the ultimate in joystick feel and sensitivity. The Mag-Stik also has a switch on the side to easily change between 4-way and 8-way, and the Mag-Stik Plus adds a feature that allows you to change the mode from the top of your control panel!

How To Change Modes:
  • Below Control Panel: Flip the white lever on the side of the joystick to change between 4-way & 8-way
  • Above Control Panel: Pull up on the stick against the spring pressure, continue pulling while rotating, until the mechanism engages, then turn counter-clockwise for 8-way, or clockwise for 4-way. The stick clicks into position when turned 45 degrees. The mechanism actually rotates an internal restrictor plate and also rotates the microswitch actuator for a perfect 4-8 way transition.
    TIP: Try this before you install it so you can watch the underside of the joystick to see how it works.

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Switch between 4-way & 8-way from the top of the control panel!
Price $42.95
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