Ultimarc Mag-Stik Plus with Black Bat/Oval Top

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Ultimarc Mag-Stik Plus with Black Bat/Oval Top

The Mag-Stik is center by an internal magnet instead of a spring and has a light action for the ultimate in joystick feel and sensitivity. The Mag-Stik also has a switch on the side to easily change between 4-way and 8-way, and the Mag-Stik Plus adds a feature that allows you to change the mode from the top of your control panel!

How To Change Modes:
  • Below Control Panel: Flip the white lever on the side of the joystick to change between 4-way & 8-way
  • Above Control Panel: Pull up on the stick against the spring pressure, continue pulling while rotating, until the mechanism engages, then turn counter-clockwise for 8-way, or clockwise for 4-way. The stick clicks into position when turned 45 degrees. The mechanism actually rotates an internal restrictor plate and also rotates the microswitch actuator for a perfect 4-8 way transition.
    TIP: Try this before you install it so you can watch the underside of the joystick to see how it works.

Ultimarc Mag-Stik Plus with Black Bat/Oval Top Reviews

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Mag-Stik Plus on Tankstick 01/24/2023
By Don Holmgren
I bought this Mag-Stik Plus to change out one of the two joysticks included on my X-Arcade Tankstick. The primary reason was to have an easier way of switching from 4-way to 8-way.

To fit onto the existing bolts on the Tankstick, I had to replace the mounting plate with an IL Universal Joystick Plate, which fits perfectly. Very easy swap.

I’m very happy with the change. The only slight glitch is that the existing cable harness in the Tankstick is a bit tight, so the cables that connect to this Mag-Stik only go on easily one way; this results in up/down and left/right reversal because of the way the two sticks have the micro switches installed. A remap in MAME fixes this issue. Also, be sure to attach the signal wire to the “NO” contact, not the “NC” (the Tankstick micro switches have the “NC” post cutoff).

The feel of this stick is very nice. Switching between 4-way and 8-way is easy, but practice before you install to get the feel.
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Great joystick!! 10/26/2020
By Steve Roach
What a difference a 4-way joystick can make a game like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong!!! I added this to a X-arcade tank stick and being able to pull up and change it from 8-way to 4-way is really nice feature.

Only con was the switch connectors were a different size than what was on my tankstick.

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Switch between 4-way & 8-way from the top of the control panel!
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