Suzo Happ Marquee Retainer Trim Kit

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Suzo Happ Marquee Retainer Trim Kit

2 pieces of marquee retainer trim, 29 inches each, trim to fit the marquee on an arcade game cabinet and use as a bracket to hold it in place.

Suzo Happ part #: 49-1000-00

Suzo Happ Marquee Retainer Trim Kit Reviews

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Simple & Effective 12/17/2019
By A. Law
I bought this little kit for my Barcade cabinet. It's nice and sturdy and can be cut to fit your marquee just right. It can be cut with Hobby scissors but I used my Dremel cutting wheel and it came out perfect. Screwed it down with with some screws and now it holds my marquee in place and looks top notch. I highly recommend this over the aluminum brackets I see people using on their arcade cabinets
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Spectacular Service 09/03/2019
By Tom Firth
I've made a single purchase from T-Molding and everything arrived quickly, and I've found the prices fair. I had a question about the slot for some arcade T-molding I bought when in the store buying the bit and they got back to me so quick I didn't have to make a second trip. Very happy with them.
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Great finished look 12/31/2016
By Aron
This is ideal for holding your marquee in place, big enough to allow for adjustments to hold everything square. Was going to order from SH directly but their minimum order quantity is way more than I needed. This is perfect for one arcade machine.
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