Suzo Happ 2-1/4" White Trackball Assembly

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Suzo Happ 2-1/4" White Trackball Assembly

Suzo Happ high lip arcade trackball with 2-1/4" White ball.
  • 2-1/4" White High Lip Trackball assembly.
  • Original Suzo Happ part number 56-5500-11
  • Highly specialized components provide the ultimate performance trackball.
  • Case is constructed of durable impact resistant polycarbonate plastic material that resists cracking from impact.
  • "Red Board" PCB has improved circuitry to guarantee an optimized performance signal both at low and high rpm speeds.
  • Optic board utilizes surface mount technology and superior optics for increased reliability.
  • Standard AMOA harness included.

Optional: 2-1/4" Trackball Mounting Kit with black plate and hardware

Note: This does not support USB, it has a standard AMOA harness for arcade games. For a USB trackball see our line of Ultimarc trackballs which connect via USB with a USB adapter or with an I-PAC 2 board.

Suzo Happ 2-1/4" White Trackball Assembly Reviews

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