Sanwa Detachable Shaft Joystick 4/8-way JLFD-TP-8YT

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Sanwa Detachable Shaft Joystick 4/8-way JLFD-TP-8YT

Sanwa took their popular JLF-TP-8YT joystick and modified it with a unique detachable shaft to create this version, perfect for portable arcade games or fight sticks, so you can remove the joystick shaft for easier packing and to protect the joystick from damage! This item is just the JLFD-TP-8YT joystick with dust washers and shaft cover as shown, no top or harness are included.

Tips & How To:
  • 1. The shaft cover acts as a wrench! Hold it in place with one hand while unscrewing the shaft with the other to remove it.
  • 2. Attach your top to the shaft, you can make it tight (you don't need to remove the top again).
  • 3. Once the top is attached, then hold the shaft cover again and screw the shaft back in. Do not over-tighten, otherwise it will be difficult to remove again later.
  • Tip: Do not tighten the ball top when the shaft is installed, otherwise you will make a tight seal between the shaft and base, making it hard to take apart later.
  • 100% Sanwa product
  • Set to 8-way when shipped
  • Rotate the inner circle of the restrictor plate 45deg to change to 4-way
  • Compatible with Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal, GT-8F 4/8-Way (included), and GT-2F 2-Way Restrictor Plates
  • Sanwa Part #JLFD-TP-8YT
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