Crown / Samducksa SDB-202 30mm Cherry Screw In Button - White

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Crown / Samducksa SDB-202 30mm Cherry Screw In Button - White

The SBD 202 line of buttons by Samducksa (formerly Crown) is an improvement on their 201 line by replacing the Futaba switch with the Cherry MX Silver switch, allowing for higher speed play on both arcade cabinets and fight sticks.

These screw-in pushbuttons can be used on metal control panels, or plastic and wood up to 10mm (3/8in) thick. The Cherry MX Silver switch is preinstalled and has .110" (2.8mm) male spade connectors.

Button Specs
  • White plunger with White bezel
  • Samducksa Part # SDB-202-30-W
  • Built in switch has 2.8mm/.110in connectors
  • Screw-in to 30mm diameter holes, max 10mm panel thickness
Switch Specs
  • Cherry MX Silver
  • Operating Force: 45g
  • Actuation Point: 1.2mm
  • Total Travel: 3.4mm
  • Silent (no audible click like a microswitch)
  • Linear (same pressure all the way down, unlike the extra resistance to engage a microswitch)

Crown / Samducksa SDB-202 30mm Cherry Screw In Button - White Reviews

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30mm SDB-202s 01/20/2023
By Alex Ng
Fair price for SDB-202s with a good stock, which is rare for any of the 202s in any color. Tabs on the traditional colors seem fine and strong, and have withstood multiple prying attempts without snapping off so that is a positive over the metallic 202s. Overall good button to tinker with, compared to something like a Sanwa, which would require a new PCB and switch on top of the button. Would recommend for anyone inclined to easily mod their arcade buttons. Do note that these buttons require a slightly larger mounting hole than a Sanwa 30mm but not by much, so anyone hand drilling holes be aware that you might need to cut a little larger than any guides might mention.
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Great store! 09/08/2022
By Phong Nguyen
I've never heard of this store before this but they had these in stock where all other places were out. These were carefully packed and shipped extremely fast. Will check back for more things. Hoping they will carry Seimitsu products in the future.
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Buttons worked great! 08/10/2023
By Aaron Patterson
Crown 202s are some of the best buttons on the market, and the quick shipping from T-Molding was great! Would buy from again!
Thanks for helping one of the Salmon Boiz go 2-2 at EVO T-Molding, haha
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