Crown / Samducksa SDB-202M 30mm Cherry Screw In Button - Metallic Silver

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Crown / Samducksa SDB-202M 30mm Cherry Screw In Button - Metallic Silver

The SBD 202 line of buttons by Samducksa (formerly Crown) is an improvement on their 201 line by replacing the Futaba switch with the Cherry MX Silver switch, allowing for higher speed play on both arcade cabinets and fight sticks.

These screw-in pushbuttons can be used on metal control panels, or plastic and wood up to 10mm (3/8in) thick. The Cherry MX Silver switch is preinstalled and has .110" (2.8mm) male spade connectors.

Button Specs
  • Metallic Silver plunger with Metallic Silver bezel
  • Samducksa Part # SDB-202M-30-AG
  • Built in switch has 2.8mm/.110in connectors
  • Screw-in to 30mm diameter holes, max 10mm panel thickness
Switch Specs
  • Cherry MX Silver
  • Operating Force: 45g
  • Actuation Point: 1.2mm
  • Total Travel: 3.4mm
  • Silent (no audible click like a microswitch)
  • Linear (same pressure all the way down, unlike the extra resistance to engage a microswitch)

Crown / Samducksa SDB-202M 30mm Cherry Screw In Button - Metallic Silver Reviews

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Five Stars (6 if I could)! 08/15/2023
By Mike C
I discovered T-Molding while searching for these Samducksa buttons as they were sold out in the “usual” online retailers. This was the first time ordering from here and what an amazing experience. The buttons came individually wrapped in a protective bag, each one still with its plastic sticker protector on the plungers to ensure an added layer of protection from scratches. For a company to take the time to do that for every single button already warrants a 5-star rating but the shipping fees were reasonable and most importantly, arrived quicker than expected! Hence I’d give T-Molding 6 stars if I could. It’s rare to see a company put this much care into delivering their products and it’s this reason this will be my priority retailer for home arcade parts going forward. I’ve already placed a few more orders since receiving these buttons at the time of writing this review. Thank you for the awesome shopping experience T-Molding, you officially have a long term customer in me
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