Jamma Plus+ Wire Harness - 10 Pack

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Jamma Plus+ Wire Harness - 10 Pack

10 Pack - Bag of 10 harnesses with English Labels. (You stick on the labels)

While JAMMA is a wiring standard for arcade games, not all games nor harnesses use all available pins. Review our photos carefully and compare to your PCB if you need specific wiring. Our harness has buttons 5 & 6 for both players and does not have a -5v wire. This is most most commonly used on multigame PCBs such as 19 in 1, 60 in 1, Game Elf Multicade boards, or Pandora's Box systems.

  • Wires for player buttons 5 & 6
  • Easy to read English labels
  • 5 pin RGB monitor connector for CRT monitors
  • Fork terminals for easy connection to a power supply
  • Daisy-chain ground cable for switches
  • .187" terminals for easy switch connections

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Jamma Plus+ Wire Harness
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Jamma Plus+ Harness with English labels for multi-game PCBs. Supports 6 player buttons.
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