Ultimarc Goldleaf Concave Pushbutton - Black

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Ultimarc Goldleaf Concave Pushbutton - Black

High performance Black push button with concave plunger and integrated silent goldleaf switch.

Button Specs
  • Gold-Plated Contacts - Included gold plated leaf switch has 2.8mm/.110in connectors
  • Low inertia - The moving part of the button is ultra-light and only 10mm deep, unlike other types where the plunger extends the full depth of the button
  • No Click - Leaf switch means no clicking micro-switch
  • No Plunger Spring - The body of the button contains no large spring. This results in a uniquely low actuation force of 45 grams for the entire button
  • No Hysteresis - This is the difference in button depression for the contact close and open points. On these buttons the position is the same, resulting in maximum repeated actuation performance. On micro-switch buttons this "dead" distance can be up to 1.5 mm.
  • Robust - The limit stop of the button is supported by the button body not the switch so no chance of switch damage owing to over-enthusiastic play!
  • Compatible - Fits wood or metal control panels
  • Standard Mounting - Push button mounts in 1-1/8" hole
  • Concave Plunger - The classic industry standard concave plunger design

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