Generic Joystick 4/8-way (JLW Style)

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Generic Joystick 4/8-way (JLW Style)

This is a generic version of the Sanwa JLW-TM-8 joystick with a rotating restrictor plate. Set this joystick to 4-way or 8-way by rotating the restrictor plate. This is JUST the joystick and the dust washer. No top is included but it is compatible with all our Sanwa ball tops and bat tops.

Note: This does *not* work with the Ultimarc RGB balltop like the real Sanwa JLW does. The internals are slightly different.

Arcade Game Joystick Specs:
  • Set to 8-way when shipped
  • Unscrew and rotate the restrictor plate 45deg to change to 4-way
  • Similar to the Sanwa JLW-TM-8 but without Sanwa branding on the dust washer, and with generic instead of Sanwa microswitches
Optional Addons:

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