Extreme IR Bar for Arcade Light Guns

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Extreme IR Bar for Arcade Light Guns

This new Extreme IR Sensor Bar is the successor to the hugely popular Super IR Sensor Bar. You can use your guns closer to the screen than you could with the Super Bar and with this new bar you can use your light guns with screen sizes ranging from 10 inches all the way up to 100 inches!

There are no restrictions on where you need to stand - this has a 120 degree illumination angle, where the original Super IR Sensor bar and all other sensor bars on the market only have a ~20 to 40 degree illumination angle. This means you can use your guns from any angle with this Extreme Sensor bar. If you are short, tall, left or right of the screen, your guns will work! It literally blows the Super IR Sensor bar out of the water.

Two Sensor Bars in One - There is a switch so that you can set your sensor bar as a Super IR sensor bar or Regular IR sensor bar:
  • Super: The Super setting works best with Screen Sizes 32 inches, up to 100 inches. The outer LEDs are turned on when the switch is set to Super. The illumination is higher with the Super setting which enables support for greater distances from the screen
  • Regular: The Regular setting works best with Screen Sizes 10 inches, up to 40 inches. When you set it to Regular, the inner LEDs are turned on. The illumination isnít as high with the Regular setting, because you will be using the guns closer to the screen. Also with the Regular setting, the LEDs are closer together. This allows you to use your guns closer to the screen then you otherwise could.
A plastic case will be coming soon but is not yet available.

  • Manual: Extreme-IR-Sensor-Bar-V2.pdf
  • Recommended for TVs or Projectors from 10 inches up to 100 inches in size.
  • Works up to 14 feet away from the screen.
  • Compatible with Arcade Guns and Ultimarc Aimtrak light guns.
  • Powered through USB cable.
  • Size: Length: 11.55", Height: 0.25", Depth: 0.5"
  • Also works as a Nintendo Wii/WiiU Sensor Bar.

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