Cherry 50g .187" D44Y Microswitch with 1" Lever

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Cherry 50g .187" D44Y Microswitch with 1" Lever

For use with Suzo Happ Super Joystick or similar that requires 1" lever actuator switches.

This is the same Cherry (now named ZF Electronics) brand that has been used in the arcade industry for many years.

  • Cherry / ZF Electronics Part: D449-R1LD
  • Suzo Happ Part: 95-0735-90
  • Operating Force: 50 grams
  • Rating: 10A 125/250VAC
  • Mechanical Service Life: Min. 10,000,000 operations

Cherry 50g .187" D44Y Microswitch with 1" Lever Reviews

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average rating 80%
Quiet Micro switch for arcade stick 07/16/2024
By Kyle
I used these in a korean arcade lever and they are nice and unique heavy linear feeling. They still click but very subtle.
They have a low actuation force but continue gaining resistance the whole travel, resulting in a resistive springy feeling like a heavy linear switch. They actuate relatively deep with almost no feedback and spring back to neutral so they take time to get used to.
I had used these before and did have one completely fail during use, so there may be concerns of durability.
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