Wire & Electrical Products - Crimp Size: .250"/6.3mm

Arcade Renovations
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.250" Female Spade Crimps - 50 Pack
Use .250" crimps for the LED holder on LED buttons.
Price $4.95
LED Arcade Buttons Power & Wire Kit (.250in/6.3mm)
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Power supply and wire kit to power the LEDs on 30 LED arcade buttons with .250in/6.3mm connectors.
Reg. Price $15.89 $13.95 On Sale!
LED Button Wiring Harness (.250in/6.3mm)
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Wire Kit to connect power to up to 30 LED pushbuttons with .250in/6.3mm connectors.
Price $8.95
Ultimarc PacLED64/Ultimate IO 10-Wire Harness (.250in/6.3mm)
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Bundle of 10 wires, 22" long, with 0.250" (6.3mm) spade connectors for connecting LED buttons to the PacLED64 or Ultimate IO LED Controller.
Price $13.95